Turkish Airlines: A company that continues to impress!

Turkish Airlines: A company that continues to impress!

Turkish Airlines is always changing, and this might seem like a bad trait in an airline, but not when it is always for the better!

Having flown with this carrier in many opportunities there is always something they do better each time. I remember saying in a past review they were close –in my concept- to be the best airline period! They were just missing some of the friendliness in their personnel that characterizes other airlines. Well, I had the opportunity in the last couple of months to take seven flights with them and certainly friendliness and increased hospitality is part of the menu! Now not only does the service continue to be amazing but a new level of friendliness has arrived.


From the first moment I was received with a big smile, service was done with a big smile, they are certainly working hard to improve and they deserve recognition for that.


In a world were airlines are dropping standards due to competition, it is amazing to see one that is dominating the market with increased standards of service for customers. Flying with Turkish is like stepping back into the golden age of aviation in flight services. It is not hard to find great deals in Turkish, their planes are modern and deliver amazing entertainment systems with hours of video and music even in the short haul European flights. The food is certainly the best among all airlines.


The flight from Istanbul to Houston was a great transcontinental experience. It took place in a clean, very new looking airplane even with real flower bouquets in the bathroom! I was served a great Vegetarian dinner complete with hummus and veggies (having requested it ahead of time) an impressive selection of complimentary liquors on board and other premium drinks including fresh squeezed lemonade with mint, a package with amenities such as lipstick, brushes and even flip flops, and all this just in economy class! It was impressive to wake up in the middle of an 11 hour  flight to find two bottles of water in the seat front pocket.


Ataturk International is their main hub. Maybe this airport does not impress as much as others in the Middle East or , but certainly it is a nice one to transit through. There are many restaurants and abundant options for duty free . If one has the credentials for access to the CIP Turkish Istanbul Lounge, it is a wonder beyond the imagination.


Latest updates:


Turkish continues with competitive prices, an array of wonderful routes (they just added Abuja, Manila and Taipei). Next will be San Francisco and a Southeastern U.S. destination in 2016 speculation is Atlanta, Miami or Orlando. The Airline is the 4th largest carrier in the world and transported 48 million passengers in the last year. And their new Cargo Terminal has just opened at Istanbul which puts them in strong competition with the Big 3 Gulf Carriers whose cargo facilities are astounding.

Turkish Airlines: A company that continues to impress!




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