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Dec 21

The best destinations in 2018: In February Portugal is sunny, warm and beautiful the rest of Europe is freezing

  What sounds more comforting in the Northern wintry blasts of February than a place with sunny shores, magnificent waves, and lush green fields. You don’t have to escape to the tropics to flee the European freeze, just head to the furthest point Southwest, beautiful and mild Portugal has everything you need this time of …

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Dec 07

Morocco is one of the most alluring destinations for those who love culture, luxury and beauty

  To escape to a land of rich history, dramatic earth and sea formations and timeless marketplaces you could open any number of fantastic books , or simply decide to head to the fascinating country of Morocco to let the fantasy become a reality. 

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Nov 30

Gasparilla Island: a day off the beaten path in Florida

    Gasparilla Island is an elite and remote getaway on Florida’s Southwest coast. It falls off the radar for many because it is relatively far from even the closest tourist towns like Fort Myers, Sarasota and Punta Gorda. 

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Nov 28

The Library of Alexandria Egypt, a wonder of the modern world

  A wondrous monument to the storied past of Alexandria and a modern testament to the inspiration of learning, the Alexandrian Library and Cultural center is one of the main travel and tourism attractions in the Egyptian city of the same name.

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