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Dec 19

The best destinations for 2018: Romania is the real deal in January

High class ski and winter sports, beautiful medieval cities, breathtaking nature and food to die for: all this and more can at a fraction of a price can be found in Romania. That is the reason why it is the perfect destination in January 2018:

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Dec 05

Places we recommend as top shopping destinations in the USA

Even with all the conveniences of online shopping, the time honored tradition of a market place approach in malls and shops across the United States isn’t fading anytime soon.

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Nov 25

Do you love luxury shopping but hate the crowds? Then Aspen is your destination

Luxury shopping can be one of the highlights of any trip because it creates a sense of wonder and surprise. Often too we are feeling more generous to ourselves already because we are taking time to enjoy life.

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Aug 15

Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, here’s why:

  It may seem like a quiet corner of Europe compared to London, Madrid or Paris but Lisbon is very attractive as a destination. It has amazing museums, food, architecture, history and hotels. 

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