Tag: religious tourism

Jan 30

Visiting the Christian sites of Jordan

  Some of the most defining places of the birth of Christianity are located in Jordan. it is sad that for years its importance has been almost ignored but in recent years more and more people are rediscovering the meaning and the dramatic beauty of these spiritual destinations. Pope Francis just days ago has been …

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Nov 05

Visiting the Grand Palace Bangkok

  In a city where one majestic attraction simply flows into the next, it can be hard to do justice to all the attractions of Bangkok. However some sights are worthwhile as much for first timers as for repeat guests. The Grand Palace is certainly one of the top Bangkok attractions.

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Apr 11

How to get a tour of the Vatican Gardens

  Until very recently the Vatican Gardens were off limits to most visitors. There are reserved times of the day for the Pope to be alone for walking, reading and meditation, but often important visitors and benefactors of the Vatican museums were the only regular folks getting in. Now the Vatican Museum offers a package …

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Feb 05

Northern Jordan: an itinerary to unlock the treasures of this ancient land

Jordan is an amazing country with a lot to offer to visitors, contrary to what many may think it is quite easy to visit Jordan in an independent way, and certainly there is more than Petra (even when this is such a fantastic attraction). I have been several times in Jordan and I never get …

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