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May 06

Santa Ynez Valley: George’s favorite California quiet place with relaxed vineyards, towns and coasts

  Leaving Los Angeles two hours behind us was all that it took to discover one of California’s sleepiest and most scenic places to indulge in the good life: The Santa Ynez Valley.

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May 03

One of our favorite Italian restaurants/grocery store comes to LA: Eataly

  Ever since we first discovered Eataly several years ago in New York, at the recommendation of the concierge at the Peninsula hotel we have watched this truly innovative concept grow and spread around the world. We love Italian food, especially the natural, fresh and savory purity of wholesome ingredients that taste like the Italian …

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Jan 02

Indian Accent Restaurant in New Delhi: is this really one of the best restaurants in the world?

To be considered the best of the country may sound pretentious, but Indian accent has not only been recognized as such but we may be talking of the best restaurant specialized in Indian food in the whole world. It is because of that that in our last visit to Delhi we decided to visit and …

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Nov 12

Slovenia, the essential itinerary

Slovenia is a country that offers bold and diverse attractions in a relatively small geographic area. Ljubljana –the capital- is known as the small big city of Europe, it boasts one of the most vivid nightlife scenes of Europe, surrounded by impressive nature with very friendly people. Slovenia can be perfectly included as a stop …

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