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May 18

An experience of Air China: Los Angeles to Beijing to Jakarta

  In recent months we have found some very tempting fares between the USA and Asia on Air China. We had flown the airline several times before from Europe and found it to be a convenient and no frills experience, so we took the plunge to see how the Intercontinental route looked.

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Mar 17

The Ritz Carlton Almaty Kazakhstan

  A skyscraper embodying the ultra modern and high luxury promises of a new hotel awaits visitors to the charming city of Almaty Kazakhstan. This Ritz Carlton Almaty is sincerely one of those hotels that stands out in its own brand and our vast hotel experience as one of the more memorable places to stay. …

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Dec 02

Entering Dubai with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations right now. It is part of the United Arab Emirates. Several nationalities can enter the country without even needing a Tourist Visa. The process for those who need one is quite easy. One can apply using the Emirates Airlines system (for those flying with them) or it can …

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Nov 13

Upscale shopping in the Philippines, Makati is the home of chic.

The glitz and glamour of Makati is well known in and beyond Manila. This is the uptown district of the day where locals and  tourists to the Philippines can get samplings of the world’s top retailers, imports and luxury items from ice cream to leather goods. Here are the main shopping centers, they are well …

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