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Dec 15

Our absolute best meals in 2017: places that are worth traveling to just to have a meal

This is a list of places in the past year we have traveled to where the experience of food left an unforgettable impression on us. Some places are approachable reserving months in advance and others were spur of the moment decisions, but what they all have in common is that they have elevated our experience …

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Dec 09

Travel distinguished in 2018: our top ten ranked destinations

The coming of a new year brings us to thoughts of new travels of course! 2018 is full of hope, possibilities and surprises and we feel the best way to take advantage of all of those are to plan ahead so as to have the best experiences possible. 

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Nov 09

The best way to enjoy a couple days in Doha, Qatar

  Many people come to Qatar for business and even more now are coming for tourism. Here we’ll explain the top places to see in the city and the best way of putting them into a functional itinerary.   The places on this list were all visited over the course of two days of exploration …

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Jun 28

Budapest, a beautiful city that always captures our heart

    Budapest is the European breakout city of our time. From a glorious romantic era past, through the run down soviet era to the present, the city has undergone spectacular transformations which just add to its colorful history. Beautiful architecture, fantastic food, wellness and many cultural opportunities are abundant. There is no shortage of …

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