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Nov 09

The best way to enjoy a couple days in Doha, Qatar

  Many people come to Qatar for business and even more now are coming for tourism. Here we’ll explain the top places to see in the city and the best way of putting them into a functional itinerary.   The places on this list were all visited over the course of two days of exploration …

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Sep 15

Luxury shopping in Doha, Qatar

  Doha, Qatar is one of the most amazing destinations for shopaholics. Sophisticated shopping centers, very attractive prices and first class facilities make this capital a must see for anyone that not only wants to do a little sightseeing, but to spend countless hours in the modern malls. Here are some tips and a summary …

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Oct 24

Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar

  The curious structure hovering over Qatar’s waters along the Cornice might look like an odd boat among all the pearl boats docked close to shore, but it is a fascinating, sharp and ultra modern house for the vast accomplishments of art in Islam over the centuries.

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Aug 05

Entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

  A common worry for travelers who have visited Israel is if they will have any problem entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in their passport.   This seems to be a problem that is slowly losing importance since at least in the international airport in Tel Aviv, Israeli authorities are no longer stamping passports …

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