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Feb 16

Florida’s coasts offer many unique cultures which one fits your Spring Break plans?

  Spend enough time in Florida and you will soon realize that besides traditional names of beaches and towns, the tourism infrastructure has grown in such a way that certain sections of coastline in Florida have their own profile. This is a breakdown of those names and what a visitor can expect to find on …

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Dec 06

One of Florida’s most panoramic places for nature and fitness: Sarasota’s Celery Fields

The building and growth in the Sarasota community, a blooming arts town on Florida’s Gulf coast, has been exponential in recent years. Thankfully, the city and county have had a long range plan to develop key natural sites which will hopefully stay green and undisturbed for years to come. The celery fields are a series …

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Nov 30

Gasparilla Island: a day off the beaten path in Florida

    Gasparilla Island is an elite and remote getaway on Florida’s Southwest coast. It falls off the radar for many because it is relatively far from even the closest tourist towns like Fort Myers, Sarasota and Punta Gorda. 

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Jul 07

Florida’s most remote parks are a nature and hiking paradise

  Florida has some great weather and beautiful places as a consequence it can be crowded in parts. Fortunately if you prefer the company of nature for a neighbor there are wild and remote parts of the state that are equally beautiful. We set out to experience one of the most beautifully preserved areas in …

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