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Hotel de Russie, the place to stay in Rome

Advising travel clients about where to stay in Rome is not always an easy request. No matter what budget the accommodation market here is different. Space and location are a premium and what amenities are offered don’t always match the experience of other major city hotels.

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Why mid-August is prime time to plan winter holiday travels

The ideal time for End of Year and New Year vacations to be planned and booked is already underway (think Christmas in July!) and to be honest its even a bit late in terms of planning to get the prime venues and events.

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I only have 24 hours in Prague, how to spend my time?

Prague is an attractive city of beautiful attractions and deep culture, but sadly for whatever circumstance you find yourself with almost no time to see it! Here is a play by play way to experience some of the city’s best food, sites and experiences in a day.

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50,000 USD a night? How Much is Too Much to spend on a hotel stay?

As I was preparing to take a flight from New York to South Africa recently I picked up a magazine touting the best about luxury travel. It contained beautiful penthouses, tropical getaways and the 100 best (and probably most expensive) suites in the whole world. One property stood out above the rest, the Time Warner …

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