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Five European destinations for the Fall season

  Many travelers are looking for a Fall escape, and there are wonderful places to visit in Europe, but where to go? Fall is prime time to enjoy a quieter and prettier side of Europe.¬†Crowds disappear from the time-worn streets and lovely paths and gardens in and around the classic beauties of Europe. The days …

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How to get tickets to see the Papal Audience in Rome

  One of the attractions of being in Rome is getting to see the Pope. Whether one is a person of faith or not it can be a truly rewarding experience to see the person who heads a major worldwide religion interacting with pilgrims and visitors. Every public event at which the Pope presides has …

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El Mirador: A typical restaurant for an authentic Costa Rican meal

  A great journey is often made not only with good preparation and planning, but also refreshment along the way. When driving through the Costa Rican landscape it is possible to encounter many fine establishments serving succulent local dishes in a relaxed and homey atmosphere.

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Top Spas of 2018: The Ritz Carlton Bangalore, India

Bangalore is a busy city where the dust, humidity and traffic can leave you feeling tired even if you are just out touring around. The Ritz Carlton property takes a step back from the busy roads and creates an oasis of tranquility and calm from the crowds.

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